Resources to keep all our Ballerinas engaged

Dear Ballerinas,

I hope you are all keeping well and are managing to keep dancing during these trying times.

Below are some videos to dance along to. Parents, make sure the room is clear and that children are supervised and in proper dance wear.

Grade 1-2: Watch here

Grade 5: Watch here

Grade 6: Watch here

Grade 8: Watch here
Character: Watch here

Grade 8 Etude Lyrique: Watch here
Grade 8 Etude Lyrique: Watch here
Grade 8 Valse Printemps: Watch here

Mouvement Libre Dramatic: Watch here

Demi-caractère: Watch here

Entrée polonaise: Watch here

Royal Academy of Dance exams experience 1: Watch here

Royal Academy of Dance exams experience 2: Watch here

New York Ballet: Watch here

Mums and dads, maybe you’ll be interested in having a go at ballet once we’ re out of all of this! These adult beginner videos are for you:

Adult beginners 1: Watch here

Adult beginners 2: Watch here

Adult beginners 3: Watch here

Dutch National Ballet barre: Watch here

Stretch for flexibility for older students: Watch here

Enjoy and keep dancing,