Resources to Keep all of our Ballerinas Engaged (4)

Dear Ballerinas,

I hope you are all keeping well and are managing to keep dancing during these trying times.

Below are some videos to dance along to. Parents, make sure the room is clear and that children are supervised and in proper dance wear.

Tots & Pre Primarys

A-Z Ballet Challenge:

Use your name for your ballet challenge or use any word: For example:
M -March 16 times
A -Be a friendly ALLIGATOR
R -REACH up high and tickle the sky
I -Slide like an Ice Skater
A -Be a friendly ALLIGATOR
N – Sit really still and make NO movement

Then add the letter Y at the end 🙂

A – Be a friendly ALLIGATOR
B -Show your BALLERINA dance
C -Be a CAT and clean your ears & whiskers
D -Be a DOLPHIN in and out of the water jumping
E – Be EXTRA small like a tiny mouse
F -Stand on one leg like a FLAMINGO
G -Do GOOD pointy toes
H -Walk around nice and HIGH on your tippy toes
I -Slide like an ICE SKATER
J – JUMP quietly on the spot
K -Blow 8 KISSES to your favourite toy
L -Pick up our doll or teddy bear and rock them to sleep with lots of LOVE
M March 16 times
N -Sit really still and make NO movement
O -OPEN your arms like waking up in the morning
P -POINT your right toe and then point your left
Q -Run QUIETLY on the spot
R -REACH up high and tickle the sky
S -Practice SKIPPING with Mum or Dad
T -TWIRL around 2 times one way, then 2 ties the other way
U -Sit down on the floor like a ballerina, stand UP like a ballerina. Do this 3 times
W Stand and WIGGLE your body
X Do something extra special to help your Mum and Dad
Y YOU have done amazingly great dancing!
Z Run little tiny steps in a ZIG ZAG

For the younger students

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (The Royal Ballet): Watch here
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – The Caterpillar (The Royal Ballet): Watch here
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker (The Royal Ballet): Watch here
Cinderella Birmingham Royal Ballet 2: Watch here
Léo Delibes Ballet Coppélia (1. partie): Watch here
The Winter’s Tale in full from The Royal Ballet: Watch here

For older students

Roland Petit, Bolero: Watch here
Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, 2012: Watch here